Mountain States Children’s Home Thrift Store



 A Thrift Store Created to Help Children

Mountain States Children's Home Thrift StoreThe Mountain States Children’s Home Thrift Store has truly been created to help children.  Funding generated from donations and purchases to the thrift store located at 818 Coffman Street in Longmont are used for the children’s programs at Mountain States Children’s Home north of Longmont.

There are opportunities to help.  Select the box below to find out more about the Mountain States Children’s Home Thrift Store contact information, hours, and volunteer opportunities.

Mountain States Children’s Home offers a depth of care that is far more comprehensive than what stand-alone counseling services, typical group homes, or even many foster or kindred care homes can provide. Our children are placed in a safe and secure environment in one of our loving family homes where we begin to build them up in every aspect of their lives.

Our goal at Mountain States Children’s Home is to teach children to be successful in a different way. Our desire is for our children to learn godly character traits such as loving others, treating others as they would like to be treated, dependability, forgiveness, gratefulness, honor, humility, obedience, responsibility, respect, self-control, truthfulness, and wisdom. These are some of the foundational principles of true success in life.

You can help by being a part of a child’s success in life through Shop, Drop and Role.