How Can You Get Involved?

Donors and volunteers together help Mountain States Children’s Home succeed. There are many ways our donors help our children:

  • Appeal Gifts
  • Automobile Donations
  • Bequests
  • Cash or check or use your credit card when you click the Donate Now Online button.
  • Change Cans (through businesses, individuals, churches etc.)
  • Christmas Gifts – During the Holidays, we make available Christmas ideas for the children.

  • Congregational Giving
  • Endowment Funds
  • Fund a Child – Help a child with their program expense.
  • In Kind (landscape material, concrete, house supplies, maintenance etc.)
  • Donate items to be used in homes, sold in auctions or thrift store.
  • Memorial and Honorariums
  • Monthly Gifts – donations can be set up through your bank for direct deposit.
  • Monthly Gifts through the MSCH Calendar – each month has a reminder envelope for giving.
  • Planned Giving
  • Sponsor a House
  • Wills


Campus Houses

Home 1 (Boys)

Refrigerator/Freezer for Garage
Pergola for back patio (call for dimensions)
Outdoor Charcoal or Electric Grill
Xbox One Game System
NBA 2K 19 (Xbox One)
Electric Leaf Blower
Tickets to Sporting Events for 8
Sports Fund (For kids in school sports for equipment/travel)
Sturdy Weatherproof Large Outdoor Umbrella with Base

Gift Cards:
Ross        Marshalls        AMC & Regal Theatres
Five Guys        Sam’s Club        Papa Murphy’s
King Soopers        Japanese Steakhouse
Walmart          Smashburger

Home 2 (Boys)

New Carpet Fund
Steps for Big Van (both sides)
New Latitude Run Preciado Traditional Armoires for 6 boys
(large drawers on bottom, cupboard with shelving on top)
35 gallon Storage Bins
Turkey Roasters
Oxo Softworks Storage System
C & 9V Batteries
Play Station 4 with 4 Controllers
Wii with Dancing Games
New Video Camera
Polaroid Camera and Film
HP Ink Cartridge 564XL (Black and Color Packs)
Copy Paper 8.5X11
Inflation Needles for Sports Balls
Skateboards and safety gear *Helmets, pads, tools to maintain
Baseball Equipment – bats, balls gloves, helmets, bases, catchers equipment
(right and left handed)
Ace (Soft touch) Ice Packs – reusable-/all sizes
Fun money

Gift Cards:
Black Jack Pizza         Walmart         Sam’s Club
Taco Bell        Subway           Red Robin
Kohls         McDonalds           Regal Movies
Carbon County Rec Center Family Membership
Longmont Swimming Pool

Home 3 (Girls)

Blue Ray DVD player
3 Sound Machines (to block out snoring)
Large food dehydrator (for beef jerky and dried fruit)
Large Electric Skillet
Monthly juice plus products for 8 girls
Beneficial vitamins for teenage girls
Extra-large pots, pans, skillets, frying pans
Cooking utensils (rubber scrapers, spatulas)
Outdoor porch swing or double rocker
Sports and no show socks (all sizes)
Black tights (all sizes)
Bras and Sports Bras (sizes 34B, 34C, 36C, 34D)
Inspirational Jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, earrings)
Hair products and accessories (conditioning spray, bobby pins, etc.)
Headphones for 6 girls
Beats or speaker for music
Garden help (someone to come help landscape our lawn, decorative rock/boulders, DIY rock/dry creek bed, etc.)

Gift Cards:
Old Spaghetti Factory       Olive Garden       Freddy’s
Regal or AMC Theatres        Walmart        Papa Murphy’s
Chipotle         Qdoba        World Market
Marshalls      Ulta         Dicks Sporting Goods
Hobby Lobby           Home Depot/Lowes/Ace             King Soopers
Taco Bell            Chick-Fil-A

Home 4 (Boys/Girls)

*New Carpet for Living Room & Hallways
*New Counter Top
*New Vinyl Flooring for Kitchen
Sturdy Wood Rocking Chair

Gift Cards:
Ross/Marshalls        McDonald’s       Wendy’s
Red Robin       Walmart       Chili’s
AMC or Regal Theatres        Boondocks      Blackjack Pizza
King Soopers          Home Depot

Home 5 (Girls)

Gift card to purchase better lighting for front room
Large Stock Pot
Heavy Duty Carpet Shampooer
26 inch Bicycles for girls (New or like-new)
Bicycle Helmets
Long Boards
Local swimming pool punch passes (Winona, Berthoud, Sunset)
Denver Museum/IMAX passes
Longmont Rec Center day passes

Gift Cards:
Red Robin       Pizza Hut       Wal-Mart
King Soopers       Culvers       Wendy’s
McDonalds       Subway         Dairy Queen
Chick-Fil-A           AMC/Regal Movie Theater
Visa/MasterCard (to be used anywhere)



Polaroid Camera & Instant Film

Blue Tooth Speaker

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Gift Cards

K-Cup Coffee Cups


Workout Equipment:

Dumbbell Sets 2- 15lb, 2- 20lb, 2- 30lb

Kettle Bells 3- 35lb, 2- 45lb, 2- 53lb


Reading Material:

20 copies of the book The Blessing (Trent & Smalley)

10 copies of The Blessing Workbook (Trent & Smalley) Amazon Echo Dot

5 copies of The Self-Esteem Workbook for Teens (Lisa Schab)

Conquer Negative Thinking for Teens (Mary Alvord/Anne McGrath)

The Adolescent Psychotherapy Treatment Planner (Jongsma/Peterson)

Parenting Skills Treatment Planner (Jongsma/Knapp)


Relaxation Therapy:

Sleep Sound Machines (Relaxing sounds)

Personal portable CD players (no radio)

Christian/Inspirational/Relaxing CDS

Squeeze stress balls

Campus School

Cordless broom (Hokie or Bissel – like restaurants use on low carpet)
2 good mops
Medium smart TV with wall mount
Teacher’s rolling chair – black or dark blue
Laminator 27” rolltop – used is fine if working well
3 15-20’ HDMI cables (they do not have to be high quality)
PE Equipment (High School Level)
Whiffle bat
4 indoor soccer balls
3 large tubs

Gift Cards – please specify for school
Amazon for textbooks
Wal-Mart for supplies

For Friday afternoon rewards (for good schoolwork, effort, good behavior, etc.)
Fast food
Local Bowling Passes – Centennial Lanes or Wild Game
Denver IMAX, Museum of Science, Zoo
Gateway Fun Park of Boulder
Boondocks of Thornton
Regal movie passes


**60 horsepower tractor with or without cab **(front wheel drive assist-optional)

**3 Ton Floor Jack**

Backhoe to fit on 3 point hitch for tractor

Air Impact Wrench

Automatic stock tanks for water with heater element

Cattle Panels and Gates or Pipe 1” to 1 ½” to build feeder or gates

18” pipe for irrigation underground from highway to irrigation ditch

Volunteer Opportunities

There are over 500 volunteers that contribute their time and talent to this unique and special work. There are many opportunities to help around the MSCH campus or at the Mountain States Children’s Home Thrift Store.


Volunteers Donate Their Time, Talents, and Experience

Over 500 volunteers share the work of Mountain States Children’s Home every year. There are always projects available for individuals, churches, companies, or civic groups to come with their special abilities and talents to keep the 155 acre property and its farm structures, residences, education and administrative centers, and storage buildings in good repair through maintenance.

Donated time, services, and talents are a valued resource to Mountain States Children’s Home and are great ways to lend a hand of service.

  • planting trees
  • landscape design
  • painting
  • road maintenance
  • general repair
  • plumbing
  • electrical
  • woodworking
  • construction
  • farm work
  • cleaning
  • computer assistance
  • newsletter mailings
  • sort, pick up, repair, or stock items for sale at the Mountain States Children’s Home Thrift Store

Sign Up to Volunteer


Online Funding Opportunities

There are many ways you can help support our kids.


Donate directly to Mountain States Children’s Home


Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit Program

Thank you for helping the children of Mountain States Children’s Home. The Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit Program provides a state tax credit for contributions made to a qualifying child care organization or fund. Mountain States Children’s Home qualifies for the Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit, so you may be able to claim an income tax credit of 50% of your total contribution.

Child Care Contribution Tax Credit Certification (DR 1317) certifying your child care contribution will be sent for qualifying donations.

For more information please review Colorado Dept. of Revenue FYI Publications – Income Tax, Income 35: Child Care Contribution Tax Credit

Check with your tax advisor about this opportunity to help children and also receive this special tax break.


Mountain States Children's Home Thrift StoreMountain States Children’s Home Thrift Store

Support the thrift store by donating, shopping or volunteering. 100% of the proceeds go toward the operation of Mountain States Children’s Home.

For more Thrift Store information call, 303-834-9510.



After you select MSCH, 0.5% of all or your Smile.Amazon.com purchases will go to Mountain States Children’s Home.


Colorado Gives

Held in December of each year, Colorado Gives Day is an all-day event to help nonprofits raise funding. You can also donate through this site all year long. Below are other ways to give through the Colorado Gives website.

You can raise money for Mountain States Children’s Home.
By creating a personalized fundraising page, you can enlist all of the people you’re connected with to support the Mountain States children.

Some common ways to use fundraising pages include:

  • You’re running a marathon for a particular cause
  • You’d like people to give donations to MSCH in lieu of wedding gifts
  • It’s your birthday and you’d prefer donations to a charity rather than presents
  • You just feel like making a difference

When you create a fundraising page, you can:

  • Add a personal appeal
  • Upload photos and video
  • Make a custom link to your page
  • Explain why you’d like people to support this effort
  • Set a goal and track your progress
  • Determine when you want the campaign to end

Special Events

Appeal Gifts

We have created opportunities and reminders through Direct Mail to help our children.

  • First Gift – February
  • Bare Necessities – April
  • Spring Appeal – June
  • School Appeal – August
  • End of Year – November


Endowment Funding Opportunities

General Endowment Fund
The General Endowment Fund is a non-restricted reserve fund to be used for cash emergencies and other needs to offset or reimburse operations for unexpected business expenses such as capital projects or special needs as authorized by the board.

Education Endowment Fund
The Education Endowment Fund is used to offset our graduating resident’s educational expenses who desire a post-secondary education at any school, college, or trade school. All earnings are re-invested with withdrawals to be taken at the end of each year, only if needed, and approved by the board, to offset resident educational expenses which have not been budgeted.

Medical Endowment Fund
The Medical Endowment Fund is used to offset resident medical expenses that happen with our children. Earnings are re-invested for fund growth and withdrawals are taken at the end of each year, only if needed, to offset resident medical expenses.

Our Needs


Critical components such as housing, a loving family, a safe and secure environment, education, counseling, and emotional support work together to complete the comprehensive and deeper level of care we provide. However, due to state licensing regulations, these components abruptly stop once teens graduate from high school. They still need our guidance and support.

Due to the lack of thorough family support, our children step out into an adult world without job skills, few of life’s daily maintenance proficiencies, no effective adult mentorship, and little emotional support.

The Transitional Living Program is the solution. Our goal is to design a program that provides a system of support and service to young adults to help them achieve self-sufficiency. Whether they choose college, trade school, or enter the workforce, this program will continue to provide financial assistance along with other critical needs essential to achieving their career goals.

This program is voluntary and requires participants to actively engage in the adult living preparation process. Our system of support will help the participant in the following areas: Tuition, Housing Allowance, Transportation, Living Expenses, Health Insurance, and Life-Skills Coaching. We will provide a goal-driven, structured environment for young adults (18-23) that will include ongoing involvement, accountability, and periodic evaluations. The vast majority of children are not ready to enter the world just because they have turned 18. The Transitional Living Program will allow MSCH to assist children beyond graduation.
Transitional Living Program Need: $2,750,000


House #3 has been home to numerous children since it was built in 1974.

Over the years, due to expansive soils common along the Colorado Front Range, the foundation will soon need to be replaced. Additionally, the basement walls are beginning to shift inward, causing other structural issues.

Many other repairs are necessary including a kitchen renovation, roof replacement, sewer line repairs, and window replacements. Professionals have advised us that it is more cost-effective to replace the entire house rather than repair every issue.

Save a home Need: $1,280,000


Wouldn’t it be great if vehicles could run forever? Unfortunately, they don’t, and our vehicles are growing less reliable. With good stewardship, we have been able to drive our passenger vans up to the point of nearly 200,000 miles. However, at this point, it is more cost-effective to replace these vehicles rather than continue maintenance. Still, more importantly, we always seek to prioritize the safety of our children. When transporting children to church, events, and appointments, we need to ensure that we can depend on our transportation to get them and our staff there safely.

The Suburbans in need of replacement are used for thrift store pick-ups, pulling trailers, food collections, and transporting children. The Suburbans we currently use have more than 200,000 miles and it would be more worthwhile to replace them rather than to continue repairs.

Safe & Affordable Transportation Need: $170,000


Therapeutic services at MSCH continue to be a critical component in our work with children and families and is part of the comprehensive and deeper level of care we provide. This program helps children work through their emotional trauma and heal from their wounds. On average, areas of therapeutic concern are reduced by more than 50% in the child’s first year at MSCH.

With the increased number of children in our care and the necessary support staff, the size of our counseling center and office need to be increased. The solution is to add on to our existing building which will accommodate more room for our counseling staff, conference room, and workspace.

Expansion of Office Space Need: $300,000


It has been said, “There will be two types of institutions in the future: Former and Endowed.” MSCH has provided children and families a comprehensive and deeper level of care for almost 60 years, but expansion is impossible without a permanent endowment fund. The endowment will provide a reliable source of income that will allow MSCH to thrive for future generations. With the steady rising costs of residential childcare, a contribution to the endowment has never been more critical for the survival of MSCH.

What do you want your “Legacy” to be? Could your Legacy include the care of children who are being overlooked and are slipping through the cracks? If caring for these children is important to you, our staff would like to visit with you and discuss the many ways you can make a difference in their lives. Your support empowers you to affect the lives of today’s children, as well as children who have not yet been born with the message of Jesus in a loving and caring environment. 

Legacy Society has been established to carry on the future and financial health of the Home. Members of this prestigious group will be part of something special: the knowledge that what they give now will positively affect the lives of countless families and children for many years to come. With a careful and thoughtful investment in the Legacy Society, you can be assured that your hard-earned legacy will be invested wisely. In accordance with Christian principles, we will direct your contribution to looking after the modern-day orphan. Please consider a gift that will change the lives of future generations of children.

  • $1,000,000 – Sustainer
  • $500,000 – Provider
  • $250,000 – Protector
  • $100,000 – Advocate

Endowment Goal: $2,500,000

Ways to Give


The simplest and most common way to make a gift to Mountain States Children’s Home is by giving a monetary gift. Not only are these gifts the simplest, but they are also among the most important. You may want to specify which project you would like to support, or your gift can be undesignated. If you would like to designate a specific purpose for your gift or honor a loved one or friend, please indicate this on your check or include with your gift.


Planned giving can generate current income tax benefits and future estate tax savings, as well as a current income stream. At maturity, such a gift passes to Mountain States Children’s Home either to fund the endowment or to be applied to one of the other ongoing projects. Types of planned giving include but are not limited to: remember MSCH in your will, annuities, bequests, life insurance policies, gifts of IRAs or other retirement plans.


A gift annuity is a transfer of cash, marketable securities, or other assets to MSCH. In return, MSCH agrees to pay a fixed amount of money to one or two individuals for their lifetime. Based on a predetermined formula, a gift annuity agreement with Mountain States Children’s Home is established as part gift and part annuity. This formula, combined with the donor’s age, determines an annual income payment, or annuity. The higher the donor’s age, the higher the rate of annuity.


Giving stocks and bonds that have increased in value after you have owned them for more than one year may provide greater tax benefits than giving cash. Your charitable income tax deduction is equal to the fair market value of the securities. You also avoid paying the capital gains tax on any increase in the fair market value over the original cost of the asset.


A gift of real estate held longer than one year provides a charitable income tax deduction for the full fair market value of the gift. You are not liable for capital gains tax on the appreciated value of the property.


 The simplest and most common way to make a gift to Mountain States Children’s Home is by giving a monetary gift. Not only are these gifts the simplest, but they are also among the most important. You may want to specify which project you would like to support, or your gift can be undesignated.


Don't have the funds to give financially but still want to support the work of MSCH? There are many other ways you can play a part in impacting these children's lives.